Название: Английский язык - Методические указания (И.П. Брованова)

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Foreign language examination


The Department of Mathematics requires ability to read mathematical texts in two of these three languages: French, German, or Russian. This knowledge can be demonstrated in any  of the following ways.

Passing an examination administered by the Department of Mathematics. The department foreign language exam is a one-hour written exam in which the student is asked to translate, with the aid of a dictionary, a few pages of mathematical literature in one of the above languages.

Passing either French or German. These are designed to develop a reading knowledge of technical literature.


Students whose native language is French, German, or Russian satisfy the requirement in that language automatically. Every student  must satisfy the requirement in one language before taking the examination, and in a second language before taking the final exam.


Comprehension Check

1. What fields of mathematics are the department faculty members engaged in ?

2. What conference does LSU host every third or fourth year?

3. What are the requirements for  the MS thesis?

4. What is the normal time for completion of  a  master’s degree program?

5. What are the basic requirements for the Ph.D. degree in mathematics?

6. When do the master’s degree  students take their comprehensive exam?

7. Why is the comprehensive examination considered a qualifying exam for the  Ph.D. students?

8. What does the general examination test?

9. What skills in foreign languages should the graduate students master?

10. What languages should graduate students develop a reading knowledge of technical literature in?


Speech Practice


1. Speak about M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in mathematics at LSU.

2. Describe foreign language requirements.

3. Speak about M.S. and Cand. Sc. programs in Mathematics at Novosibirsk State Technical University.


Doctoral Programs

College of Business Administration

Georgia State University