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Dissertation proposal defense

Prior to admission to candidacy for the degree, a dissertation proposal defense must be held. After the student completes a written proposal that the Dissertation Committee judges to be ready for final defense, a dissertation proposal defense will be held before the Dissertation Committee and the Examination Committee. The Examination Committee is composed of three or more faculty members who are not members of the student’s Dissertation Committee. The student, in consultation with his/her Dissertation Committee chair, will recommend the members of the Examination Committee to the Doctoral Coordinator, and subsequently to the Director of Doctoral Programs, for approval.

The student’s dissertation proposal should include a summary of the following: the purpose of the study; the nature of the subject to be investigated and its importance; a brief review of the literature; the theory, if any, to be developed; the empirical methodology, techniques, and data sources, if any, to be used; the nature of the hypotheses to be developed or tested; and a time frame for completion of the dissertation. Normally the proposal should not exceed 40 pages.

The proposal defense will be open to all interested faculty and doctoral students. After the proposal defense has been held, the members of the two committees will vote to determine if the student is deemed to have a satisfactory research topic. A unanimous decision by the student’s Dissertation Committee and a majority decision by the Examination Committee is required. The approving members of both committees will sign the dissertation proposal defense approval form.

Submission of the approval form does not constitute a contractual agreement between the student and the Dissertation Committee. It is within the scope and function of the Dissertation Committee to recommend modifications to the research as it proceeds. Upon submission of the proposal defense approval form to the Doctoral Programs Office, the student is admitted to candidacy for the degree.