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     where should you undertake a graduate program?


Again, the answer depends upon the individual and particularly upon the field in which you want to earn a degree.

As you weigh the merits of various graduate schools, however, consider that the scope of faculty expertise, course offerings, and research facilities at Berkeley is difficult to equal elsewhere. Among Berkeley’s 1,600 faculty are 8 Nobel laureates, 106 members of the National Academy of Sciences, 58 members of the National Academy of Engineering, and more National Science Foundation Young Investigators than in any other university. Over the past three decades, Berkeley faculty also led the nation in the cumulative number of Guggenheim awards. As a graduate student at Berkeley, you would choose from nearly 2,000 graduate-level courses taught by this distinguished group of teachers and researchers.

If students and researchers worldwide come to Berkeley ro study with outstanding scholars, they also come to use the broad range of research facilities available here. Graduate students conduct research in departments and in more than 40 organized research units, such as the Space Sciences Laboratory, the Institute of International Studies, the Institute for Human Development, the Center for Pure and Applied Mathenatics, and some others. Nearby Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (LBL) and the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, funded by the National Science Foundation, are important resources for students in the sciences, engineering, and mathematics. The University Library system, with more than 7,854,000 volumes, contains one of the best research collections in the country.