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     financing a graduate education at berkeley


Numerous programs – from fellowships and grants-in-aid, to loans, assistantships, and subsidized housing and child care – provide ways you can cut the cost of graduate school. Some of the programs are merit-based and administered through the Graduate Division Fellowship Office; others are need-based and administered through the Financial Aid office. The academic departments administer additional sources of financial assistance.




Fellowships usually provide a stipend, plus fees and tuition, to support the living and educational expenses of graduate study. If you apply for this merit-based assistance, your application will be judged competitively on the basis of the quality of your previous academic work, on the evidence of your ability to do research and other creative accomplishments, and on your promise of becoming a prospective scholar.

Although Berkeley has a strong fellowship program, the number of awards is limited, and you must be nominated by your major department. For that reason, we encourage you to apply for need-based financial aid such as student loans, work-study and grants through the Financial Aid Office. These programs are based on demonstrated financial need.