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supplementary reading.

      You don’t have to cook this Chinese dish in a microwave cooker. It will be very welcome for some special occasion.

Meat & Chicken

Meat and chicken dishes are best prepared completely before beginning to cook. Sauces and seasonings are added to flavour and tenderise the meats, while vegetables are cut into even sized pieces for stir-frying.

Sweet and Sour Pork

One of the most favoured Chinese dishes.

Preparation time: 20 minutes +20 minutes marinating.

Cooking time: 12 minutes.                                Served 4-6.


Thickly slice the pork, then cut into 1-cm strips crossways so that each piece consists of layers of pork and fat. Remove any small bones from spare ribs. Brush with sherry and soy; set aside 20 minutes.

Peel the cucumber, cut in half and scoop out the seeds, then cut into thin slices. Finely chop the pickles or cut into fine shreds.

Coat the pork thickly with cornflour and shake off the excess. Fry in several batches in the oil until lightly golden, about 2 minutes. Remove and spread on a rack to drain and cool.

Stir-fry the capsicum and onion in 3 tablespoons of oil taken from the frying pan. (Reserve the remaining hot oil for a second fry of the pork.) Add the cucumber and pickles and fry briefly, then add the vinegar, water, tomato sauce, sugar, chicken stock and cornflour. Stir until the cornflour is dissolved. Bring to the boil and simmer, stirring, until thickened.

Reheat the oil and fry pork a second time until golden and crisp, about 2 minutes. Pour on the sauce and serve hot with white steamed rice.



700 g pork belly or spare ribs

1 tablespoon light soy sauce

1 tablespoon dry sherry

½ medium cucumber

2 tablespoons Chinese sweet mixed pickles

1 cup cornflour

5 cups vegetable oil

¼ green capsicum, shredded


¼ red capsicum, shredded

1 medium onion, sliced from top to base

½ cup white vinegar

1 cup water

¼ cup tomato sauce

¹/3 cup sugar

1 teaspoon powdered chicken stock

1 tablespoon cornflour, extra




Slice pork into 1 cm thick slices. Remove any small bones.



Peel, seed and thinly slice cucumber. Finely chop pickles.



Deep-fry pork in several batches until lightly golden.

Add combined vinegar, water, tomato sauce, sugar, stock and cornflour to wok.


Read the extract from a short story.

The Leg of Lamb

Mary Maloney loved her husband, Patrick, very much. She was going to have a baby and every day she looked forward to Patrick coming home from his job as a detective. Everything was perfect, until one evening he suddenly told her that he wanted to leave her. Mary was shocked and, as if in a dream, went to the freezer and took out a frozen leg of lamb for their supper.

      A few minutes later, it was over. All right, she told herself, so I’ve killed him. She began to think very fast. She carried the meat to the kitchen, put it in a pan, turned the oven on, and put the pan inside. Then she washed her hands and ran upstairs to her bedroom. She sat down in front of the mirror, tidied her hair and tried to smile.

      “I want some potatoes, please, Sam. Yes, and perhaps some beans.”

      She practised several times. Then she ran downstairs, went out of the back door and into the street. She went straight to the shop.

      When she returned, she phoned the police.

      “Quick! Come quickly! Patrick’s dead!”

      “Who’s speaking?”

      “Mrs Maloney. Mrs Patrick Maloney.”

The car came very quickly, and when she opened the front door, two policemen walked in.

      “Is he dead?” she cried.

      “I’m afraid he is. What happened?”

      They asked her questions. In a few words she told them what time Patrick had come home, what she was doing at the time, why she had gone to the grocer’s, which grocer’s she had gone to, what she had bought and how long she had spent there. She told them how she had put the meat into the oven – “It’s there now” – before she left for the grocer’s, and how she had come back to find him lying on the floor.

      They left her there while they searched the house. They were looking for the murder weapon. “It’s the old story,” said Detective Noonan. “Get the weapon, and you’ve got the murderer…”

      After searching the house, the policemen returned. “Do you know that your oven is still on, and the meat is still inside?”

      “Oh,” she said. “So it is.” And she knew exactly what she was going to do …


Answer the questions.

Why did Mary Maloney want to kill her husband?

How did she kill him?

Did she go to the grocer’s before or after she had killed him?

What did she tell the police had happened?



What do you think she decided to do with the leg of lamb? Why?