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Read about Michel Montignac’s theory on modern eating habits. What’s unusual about his method?

Eat as much as you like – and stay healthy!

      Michel Montignac has invented a method of healthy eating, which is based on the idea that we should not eat less, we should simply eat the right things – the right carbohydrates and the right fats. The Montignac method is not a diet, it is a philosophy of life, which allows people to be ‘fit, healthy, energetic and slim without counting calories’.

      According to Michel Montignac, traditional methods of cooking and eating are disappearing, and are being replaced by junk food and ready-prepared meals. As a result, he says ‘people today (especially children) have a diet which is too high in bad carbohydrates – they have too much sugar, too many sweet drinks, too much white bread, too many potatoes, too much pasta and white rice and too many biscuits’. This makes people’s level of blood glucose first go up, but then go down even more. It is this, he says, more than stress and overwork, which causes tiredness, (especially late morning and after lunch) and also irritability, nervousness and headaches. Among schoolchildren it can also cause low concentration and bad behaviour.

      Montignac highlights the fact that:

most young Americans and a lot of Western Europeans are addicted to sugar.

the average European consumes 40 kilos of sugar a year compared with the average American who consumes 63 kilos and the average Japanese person who consumes less than 20 kilos.

      If you follow Montignac’s way of eating, he says it will be ‘a passport to a new feeling of vitality which will allow you to be more effective in both your personal and professional life’.

8 Rules of Healthy Eating:


Do not eat sugar, or foods containing sugar, like sweets, biscuits and cakes.


Don’t eat white bread, pasta or rice. Eat wholemeal bread and pasta and brown rice. Cereals should be wholemeal and without added sugar.


Eat as many vegetables as you like, but don’t eat potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn or peas.


Always eat fruit before a meal, if possible 15 minutes before eating anything else. The only kinds of fruit you should eat after a meal are strawberries and raspberries. Drink fresh fruit juice, but not commercially-prepared juice, which often contains a lot of sugar.


Never mix ‘bad’ carbohydrates (white bread, pasta, flour, etc.) with fats or oils during a meal.


Drink as much water as possible, and if you want to drink alcohol, drink a little wine or even champagne, but not beer. And never drink alcohol without eating something at the same time.


Have a big breakfast, with fruit juice, muesli or cereal, and wholemeal bread. You can eat as much bread as you like, but only at breakfast, never at lunch or dinner. You can drink coffee, but it’s better if it’s decaffeinated, and don’t drink too much.


Dinner should be the lightest of the three daily meals. And try to have it as early as possible, not at nine o’clock at night.


Skim the text and find equivalents to the following phrases


without counting

according to

even more

without added sugar

is high in carbohydrates

are addicted to

at the same time

have too much

a kilo of salt a year

Complete the sentences using the words given in brakets

Do not eat sugar, or foods containing sugar, ______ (такие как) sweets, buiscuits or cakes.

Traditional methods of cooking are disappearing, and ______ (замещаются) by junk food and ______ (готовой к употреблению) meals.

Cereals should be wholemeal and ______ (без добавления) sugar.

Never mix ‘bad’ carbohydrates with fats and oils ______ (во время еды).

Most young Americans ______ (не могут обходиться без) sugar.

Find in the text English equivalents to the following Russian word combinations

большинство американцев

средний европеец

многие японцы

слишком много

именно это

по сравнению с

лучше, если

согласно утверждению

сахар, содержащийся в крови

Comprehension checking

Read the text again. Complete the gaps

In Montignac’s method you don’t have to worry about how many _________ you’re eating.

People today are eating _________ fast food than they did in the past.

If you eat too many bad carbohydrates, your level of blood glucose goes _________ and then goes _________.

Montignac thinks that _________ and _________ are not the main causes of tiredness.

The Japanese eat approximately half as much _________ as the Europeans.

Complete the sentences using information from the text

Too many carbohydrates cause people’s level of blood glucose first ….

The Montignac method helps people ….

Drink fresh fruit juice which doesn’t ….

You can drink a little wine, but ….

Junk food usually contains ….

According to Montignac potatoes, carrots, sweetcorn or peas ….

Choose the heading to each rule of healthy eating

Brown is better than white.

Fruit – but always first.

Goodbye to big dinners.

Breakfast is king.

Vegetables, any day, any time.

Sugar – public enemy number one.

Water or wine.

Goodbye to bread and butter.

Read the text and decide if these statements are true (T) or false (F)

Traditional dishes are still very popular with most people both in Europe and America.

When children are not given a lot of sugar, sweet drinks, white bread, pasta, many potatoes and biscuits they become nervous and irritable and have headaches.

Those people who do not consume junk food are more successful in their work.

Do not eat anything when you drink a little wine or even champagne.

If you want to drink alcohol you may drink beer.

Check your answers with the text

What kinds of bread and pasta does Montignac recommend?

Should your diet be high in carbohydrates? Why?

Why is one person in every five Americans seriously overweight?

Which meal of the day should be the biggest?

Making conversation

Discuss with your partner the following

Montignac’s method of healthy eating as a philosophy of life.

Men always think that their mothers are the best cooks.

The influence of a bad diet on health of grown-up people.

The influence of a bad diet on children’s concentration and behaviour.

Women worry more about their diet than men.

Tell a parter what you think

Is your diet similar or different to what Montignac recommends?

Do you think it’s a good method?

If you decided to follow it, what would you find the most difficult?