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Write two paragraphs about diet

Paragraph 1. Your country.

What do people usually eat and drink in your country for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Do they eat at any other time?

Paragraph 2. Your own diet.

Is your diet similar to or different from the typical diet in your country?

Do you think it’s healthy? Why (not)?

Supplementary reading

8.1. Now read this advertisement which encourages people to eat meat. What reasons does it give for not being a vegetarian?

It’s not easy keeping a body well-balanced

To keep your body well-balanced, you need a huge variety of nutrients every day.

There’s a natural source which contains an abundance of what’s good for you.

This source is full of healthy vitamins, minerals and proteins.


Meat provides essential minerals, is vital to healing and enhances our sense of taste.

All these can greatly increase your health and well-being.


Are you getting enough meat?

The benefits are plentiful.

Do you agree with it?