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Grammar practice

3.1. Form a new word according to the model


time – timing

cook –

heat –

stir –

defrost –

время – выбор времени



noisy – noisily

deep –

quick –

even –

dense –

slight –

approximate –

шумный – шумно


big – bigger

dense –

small –

hot –

thick –

thin –

большой – бóльше



efficient – less efficient


important –

conventional –

продуктивный – менее продуктивный


composition – decomposition

increase –

frost –

соединение – распад



3.2. Put the verb in brakets in the correct form, the infinitive or the –ing form

Dense foods take longer ______ (heat) than porous foods.

It is worth ______ (note) that a Christmas pudding will be reheated in under 2 minutes.

Pressure may build up inside an egg shell and cause it ______ (explode).

It is advisable ______ (undercook) food slightly.

Variable power reduces ______ (stir) to a minimum.


4.   Reading

4.1. Do you know the main rules of cooking in a microwave cooker? Try to formulate them using the information from the text

Cooking with a Microwave Cooker

Part II

      Your microwave oven defrosts, heats and cooks food, but there are several factors which affect timing and end results.

      Dense foods such as meat take longer to heat than porous foods such as bread, cakes, pastry and puddings.

      Microwaves cannot penetrate so deeply into dense compact foods so the center is heated and cooked by conduction from the hotter outer surfaces. For example a pudding placed in the cooker will be rapidly penetrated by microwaves because of its porous texture (worth noting that a cooked one pound Christmas pudding will be reheated in under two minutes) and extreme care must be taken not to overheat these types of food. The denser joint of meat, however, might look cooked on the outside while the centre is underdone. Minced meat is less dense than a piece of steak, so a beefburger will cook more quickly than a steak.

As the volume or quantity of food in the cooker is increased, so is the time. For example, if you cook one 175 g (6 oz) jacket potato in 4 minutes, two175 g potatoes will require approximately 7–8 minutes to cook.

The size and shape of the food to be cooked is also important. When cooking stews and other dishes requiring various meat and vegetables cooked together, cut the meat and vegetables into the same shapes and size to prevent smaller pieces being overcooked. Poultry cooks more evenly if the legs and wings of a bird are tied to its body. Small protruding portions such as the wing tips and legs of poultry may be covered with small pieces of aluminum foil to reflect microwaves and thus slow down their cooking rate.

For even heating, food should be of a fairly even height. Always place the thicker parts of food towards the outside of the dish. For instance, put the thick meatier parts of chicken drumsticks towards the outside of the dish and thinner bone ends towards the centre.

Variable power reduces stirring to a minimum. However some food should be stirred during defrosting, heating or cooking. Turn over meat and other dense foods to ensure more even cooking.

Some foods microwave very quickly and can overcook, curdle or ‘pop’. These include cheese, eggs, cream, sour cream, mayonnaise, snails, scallops, oysters, baked beans, kidney beans and mushrooms.

Never cook an egg in its shell, microwave cooking is so fast that pressure will build up inside the shell and cause it to explode.

Cooking continues after food is removed from a microwave oven, or when the microwave energy is turned off. The food is no longer being cooked by microwaves but by the conduction of heat to the centre. It is often advisable to undercook or defrost food slightly and let the process finish during the standing time as recommended in recipes.

As with conventional cooking, end results will be related to the quality of ingredients used. Your microwave cooker is a wonderful appliance but it cannot work miracles.

4.2. Find in the text the following phrases

рождественский пудинг

несколько факторов

запеченная фасоль

более мясистые куски

рубленное (молотое) мясо

для равномерного нагрева

менее плотный, чем

4.3. Complete the sentences using the words given in brakets. Check your answers with the text

Worth ______ (отметить) that a cooked pudding will be reheated in under two minutes.

Poultry cooks more evenly if the legs and wings ______ (привязаны) to its body.

Small protruding portions of poultry may ______ (прикрыты) with small pieces of aluminium foil.

The food is no longer ______ (готовиться) by microwaves.

End results ______ (будут связаны) to the quality of ingredients used.