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Computers concern you


When Charles Babbage, a professor of mathematics at Cambrige University, invented the first calculating machine in 1812 he could hardly have imagined the situation we find ourselves in today. Nearly everything we do in the modern world is helped, or even controlled, by computers, the complicated descendants of his simple machine. Computers are being used more and more extensively in the world today, for the simple reason that they are far more efficient than human beings. They have much better memories and can store huge amounts of information, and they can do calculations in a fraction of the time taken by a human mathematician. No man alive can do 500,000 sums in one second, but an advanced computer can. In fact, computers can do many of the things we do, but faster and better. They can pay wages, reserve seats on planes, control machines in factories, work out tomorrow's weather, and even play chess, write poetry and compose music. Let's look now at some of the ways in which computers concern people in their daily work and lives.

Chief inspector Hartson talks about the ways in which computers can help the police fight crime."Members of the public often think of detective work as fast and exciting when most of it is slow and boring", he said. "For example, a detective on a stolen car case may have to check through long lists of information, and in the time it takes him to do this the thief may well escape. With the new National Police Computer we are now able to find out details of car ownership and driving licences in a fraction of the time it takes by traditional methods. In police work speed is often essential, so computers are ideal for helping us catch criminals".


Приложение 5


Грамматический материал,

изучаемый на базовом курсе


I Term

II Term


· to Be, to Have


·   Word order

    (affirmative, negative, interrogative)


· There+ to Be


· Pronouns


· Numerals

     (cardinal, ordinal)


· Comparatives of Adjectives and   



· Participle I and II


· Gerund


· Infinitive


· Complex object


· Complex subject


· Absolute participial



· Verbs followed by Infinitive or Gerund


·   Active:

     Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect


·   Passive:

     Indefinite, Continuous, Perfect


·   Modals


·   Sequence of tenses 

    (Reported speech)



·   To Have smth done


· Conditionals  (I, II, III)


· Objective and Attributive


· Conjunctions


· Word Building




Окончание прил. 5


Образец итогового лексико-грамматического теста

для специальностей инженерно-технического профиля "АНГЛИЙСКИЙ ЯЗЫК" 25 заданий на 90 мин

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A. Business has been revolutionized by the marriage of computers and communication systems. Multimedia is the interaction of audio, statistical and video information with the help of software working on a specially equipped personal computer.

There are a number of ways in which they can be used: programs of state or interfirm instruction and visual information, video-conferences, long-distance interactive instruction, access to different data banks, computer games, interactive fantastics and novels, and table video.

B. Increasingly widespread are electronic catalogues and encyclopedias on different branches of knowledge with the pos- sibility of very quick search for necessary data with the help of necessary indexes and key words. Gradually all of this will be converted to electronic form with colour, sound and motion.

Interfirm information in the shape of multimedia makes it possible to catalogue it, and make it visually attractive, and easily accessible to ;mote users via electronic mail.

Irrespective of the type and purpose, multimedia programs are usually recorded on optical compact-discs. Quite a number of companies deal with the development, production and sale of training programs for children from three to eight years of age. Fairly widespread are educational programs which help in studying the humanities, foreign languages, and raising the skills of oral speech and written language at secondary and higher educational institutions.

C. To partially meet the requests of the users of personal computers, the biggest American producers of computers and communication means have pooled their efforts in improving the Ethernet computer network, with the aim of adding built-in possibilities to multimedia.

Sound is a significant component of multimedia. Therefore a large number of the producers of electronic equipment bring out video plates for personal computers which have a high degree of integration of electronic components. The technology of sound synthesizers is built into multimedia plates for the reproduction of music. Special plates for recording video images make it possible to record in the computer images from TV sets or video cameras.

D. Analysts state that by the end of the century the sales of personal computer systems, equipped with multimedia components, will increase significantly. And this growth will be caused by me real requirements of business. For instance, personal information systems in stores will make it possible to inform customers about a much larger quantity of goods than it would be possible to put up for demonstration. The existence of such systems is particularly important if we consider that ever more purchases will be made from home through the systems of satellite and cable communication. In the nearest future the utmost development will be received by services on global video and other expanded systems of communication.


Прочитайте текст и ответьте на вопрос

1. What helps to find different data quickly?

A. knowledge

B. indexes and keywords

C. keys

D. bookmarks


Завершите предложение в соответствии с основной темой абзаца

2. The A passage is about

A. interfirm communication systems

В. optical compact-discs

С. usage of multimedia

D. electronic libraries


Определите, в каком абзаце сообщается

3. Об использовании средств мультимедиа для передачи сообщений по электронной почте


Выберите предложение, соответствующее содержанию текста

4. A. Multimedia is the integrity of mass media information, i.e. newspapers, TV programs, etc.

B. Multimedia is a complex representation of information by means of software and specially equipped PCs.

C. Multimedia is the integrity of audio and video information with the help of video tape-recorders.

D. Multimedia is a type of computer software environment.

Выберите вариант завершения предложения в соответствии с содержанием текста

5. Not taking into account the designation of multimedia programs they are recorded on

A. paper tapes

B. magnetic tapes

C. floppy discs



Соотнесите данные утверждения с соответствующими абзацами текста A,B,C,D

6. Sound synthesizers are built into multimedia plates.

7. Analysts subdivide the development of multimedia technology into three stages.

8. The owners of electronic nets promise to rid us of unnecessary spendings in future.

9. Business was improved by using computers together with communication systems.

10. People will learn about the goods on sale  via personal information systems.


Подберите английский эквивалент слову, данному в скобках

11. Alpha processor is already nearing the (требованиям) of the 21st century.

A. requests

B. needs

C. orders

D. requirements


12. Digital PCs have continued to use the most (пере-довую) technology.

A perfect

B. useful

C. permanent

D. advanced


13. If you are ready (потратить) thousands of dollars the roblem of a reliable and fast computer will be solved for you.

A. to sell

B. to pass

C. to stay

D. to spend

14. Today no expert can (точно) predict the future of computerization.

A. in time

B. precisely

C. mainly

D. in advance


15. The storage (ячейки) of a RAM chip require power to retain their contents.

A. pockets

B. batteries

C. cells

D. capacitors


Выберите форму сказуемого

16. Al (будет введен) into the 5th-generation computer systems.

A. will be incorporated

B. will incorporate

C. must be incorporated

D. is incorporated


17. The speed of an electrical signal (ограничивается) only by the speed of light.

A. is limited

B. limits 

C. limited

D. is limiting


18.Many children and adults (увлекаются) computer games.

A. are fond of

B. is fond of

C. had been fond of

D. will be fond of


19. The Matrox company (известна) for its graphical subsystems.

A. knows

B. is knowing

C. knew

D. is known


20. The samples of new models (будут показаны) at the exhibition.

A. are shown

B. will be shown

C. will show

D. have shown

Замените модальный глагол эквивалентом

21. We cannot do this upgrading just now, we are very busy.

A. are not able to

B. are not allowed to

C. have not to

D. are not to


Выберите степень сравнения

22. This problem is ... in the field of electronics.

A. more important

B. the most important

C. much important

D. much more important


Выберите форму причастия

23. ... such books you will improve your knowledge of this subject.

A. having read

B. reading

C. read

D. having been read


24. The techniques ... must be discussed again

A. applied

B. having applied•

C. having been applied

D. applying


Выберите вариант, отражающий структуру верно построенного вопросительного предложения


  1            2              3                4                   5               6

ago        time          of         microwave    introduced    was

  7            8              9               10                 11

some    Method        а        production         new      ?


A.   4  8  3 11  2   6   5 1 9  10 7

B.   2  1  6   5  7 11   4 8 3  10 9

C. 11  4 10  3  9   8   6 5 7    2 1

D.   6 9  11  8 3   4 10 5 7    2 1