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Collocations with research


Research can be translated as исследование, (научно-)ис-следовательская работа, научная работа or наука, depending on the context. A particular investigation is not called a research but a piece of research (or an investigation / study). The word research is uncountable. Sometimes, however, research is used countably in the


e. g. His researches produced some interesting results.

Research may also be used as a verb, often into

e. g. He is researching into the air pollution.

More often, however, the expressions to do research or be engaged in research (formal style) are used with the noun research in this sense (see below).

The following prepositions are used with the noun research:

On is used with a more or less specific subject

e. g. I'm doing research on the history of foreign economic relations.

In is used with the field of investigation

e. g. He is engaged in research in numerical methods.

Into occurs less often, mainly with words such as problem, cause, relation, origin.

e. g. Recent research into the cause of air pollution reveals new statistical data.


To do research with no adverbial modifier specifying the subject or field means to be a postgraduate student, or, as this is also called, a research student

e. g. Master students take a specified number of courses and do research.


Collocations translated as заниматься / вести исследовательскую работу to carry out / conduct / do / pursue / be engaged in / undertake research (on/in/into smth)

Other collocations with research

to complete / direct / refer to / stimulate / give priority to research

academic / basic / comprehensive / complex / current / descriptive / detailed / empirical / experimental / extensive / fundamental / independent / original / profound / scientific / theoretical / thorough / computer science research

research agenda / Council / grant / literature / paper / program / project / team / topic / tool

e. g. A scientific paper is a culmination of scientific research.

The depiction of structures in higher dimension is currently an active area of computer science research.

This work was supported by research grants from the Russian Federation government.

I want to review much of the research literature which bears directly on our further work. The journal is an innovative forum for scholarly debate, as well as for research and theoretical papers.

This educational area of specialization has its own theoretical orientation and research tradition.


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