Название: Английский язык (М.М. Прилуцкая, С.М. Стенникова )

Жанр: Гуманитарные

Просмотров: 1761

Majors with concentrations


510200    Applied Mathematics and Information Science

510202    Mathematical modelling

510209    Computer mathematical and software support

510400    Physics

510405    Plasma physics

510412    Physics of optical phenomena

521500    Management

521516    Industrial system organization

521517    Personnel management

521528    Industrial management

521600    Economics

521615    Institutional economics and economic policy

521620    Finance

522300    Management Information Systems

522309    Industrial management information systems

550200    Automation and Control

550201    Engineering system control

550212    Control system components and devices

550700    Electronics and microelectronics

550704    Micro-and nanoelectronics

550714    Electronic devices and facilities

550717    Industrial electronics and microprocessor-based de-vices

550900    Heat-Power Engineering

550901    Fundamental of heat-power engineering

550903    Electric and heat power generation technology

550907    Optimization of steam generation processes and boiler plant operating conditions

551000    Aircraft and Rocket/Missile Construction

551001    Aerodynamics, hydrodynamics and aircraft heat transfer processes

551007    Dynamics and strength of aircraft structural units

551014    Physical and computer simulation of heat aerodynamic and heat hydraulic processes

551100    Electronic Facilities Design and Technology

551101    Radio engineering and communications facilities

551103    Microelectronics and microwave engineering

551105    Electron device design information technologies

551110    Household and medical electron devices

551300    Electrical Engineering, Electromechanics and Elecrotechnologies

551303    Methods of research and simulation of processes in electromechanical energy converters

551311    Electric drives and control systems of electric drives

551313    Electrothermal processes and units with feed and control systems

551316    Environmentally friendly electrotechnological systems and installations

551318    Electric train stock operation and maintenance

551319    Transport system power supply equipment and units

551500    Instrument Making

551505    Instrumentation information technologies

551517    Biomedical systems and apparatuses

551600    Materials Science and New Materials Technology

551605    Advanced construction materials and high-efficiency technologies

551700    Electric Power Engineering

551701    Electric units of electric power stations and substations

551702    Electric power systems and networks

551703    Optimization of developing power supply systems

551706    Renewable energy converters and systems

551707    High voltage physics and equipment

551708    Automatic equipment of power systems

552500    Radio Engineering

552502    Systems and devices for signal transmission. reception and processing

550505    Television systems and video equipment

552507    Radio physics

552800    Information Science and Computer Engineering

552802    High-performance computer systems

552813    Computer networks and telecommunications systems

552819    Computer analysis and data interpretation

552821    Digital signal processing

552823    Information control systems

552900    Technology, Equipment and Automation of Machine-Building Industry

552908    Equipment for special types of treatment

553300    Applied Mechanics

553302    Mechanics of strained solid body

553304    Dynamics and strength of machines


Speech Practice


Study the information about research directions offered by NSTU graduate school. Explain why you have chosen the field you are studying and researching into.




Matt A. Cima

American Peace Corps Volunteer


The advantages of researchers knowing the English language are plentiful. The world is becoming interactively smaller each year. The introduction of radio, television, airplanes, computers, and most recently, the Internet have made cross cultural and cross intellectual interactions easier to accomplish over great distances. Advanced technologies continue to make interactions faster, easier, and more efficient between different countries.


International Standard


The English language has been selected as the international language without our input. It is a fact that we are faced with and knowing that interactions between countries will increase we must choose to be a part of these interactions or choose to be isolated from the opportunities within these interactions. Language, like computers, benefit from a common standard which information can be exchanged quickly and accurately. Certainly we can wait for translations of information into native languages, but with the speed of information and business and technology changes, we are compelled to realize that opportunities will be missed.

Information Exchange


As mentioned earlier. the Internet is making interactions and information exchanges easier to accomplish. English is currently being used as the primary medium, with which different countries can communicate. With the uncertainty of economic situations, the advancement of new interactive technologies such as video conferencing, and the need to keep pace with a changing world environment the Internet is becoming a common communication platform.


Language Compared To Technology


As was the case in the 1970's and 1980's the computer became a tool of science and business. So too will a common language. Many people in Western environments resisted the computer insisting that business can continue using the old technologies. Certainly they were correct in the short term. But now, the computer has influenced all facets of business as the benefits of the computer have become more apparent. Similar to the computer, a common language will also become a necessary tool in doing science and business in a shrinking world. It is our responsibility to embrace and promote the language tool for new researchers in order for them to be prepared to function in an ever changing world.